MabelleNC |Typing Challenge

Typing Challenge Summary

For the past 14 days, I have practiced typing properly with the right position (I guess?)

Before this, I was able to type with roughly 6 fingers which is unprofessional and unpractical because I have to look at the keyboard instead of the screen, which I found it unproductive.

So I decided to spend my time off to force myself to type with 10 fingers in the right position. I use my Instagram to stay committed by posting daily results What I've got from this challenge kind of surprised me.

I developed from below average, which is 30 wpm until reached the average speed of 40 wpm in only 14 days.

The results might sound normal for some groups of people, but for anyone that never tried typing properly, you will find it a very helpful challenge Since typing is what we do every day as we have to work, right? 555

I recorded my typing score each days.
Turned those datas into graphs (from previous challange "Google Analytics course")

Here's the result!!